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Installation of a project vinyl floor

A high quality installation is of utmost importance for a trouble free and durable lifetime of the flooring material.

Key factors for successful installation of a resilient floor are:  
Sub floor preparation
The installation of a resilient Forbo floor starts with the sub floor, which must be dry, rigid and smooth. Forbo Europlan is a perfect levelling screed. Forbo Quickfit is a fast alternative sub floor system, especially in situations where sound reduction is required.

Forbo also offers a range of moisture barrier products and primers, to prepare the adhesion of levelling screed.  
Installation plan
It’s important to make a good plan before beginning an installation. Rooms, materials and sub floors must have a minimal temperature of 17º Celsius (63º Fahrenheit).

Allow all materials to acclimatise for at least 1 night before installation. Forbo offers specially designed installation tools for transportation and unrolling, such as the Forbocar or the Forbo Carryset.  
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A perfectly installed floor requires perfect adhesion. Within the Forbo Eurostar/Eurosafe range, high quality adhesives for every type and situation are available.  
Scribing and cutting
A good start makes all the difference: pay extra attention to the first sheet of floor covering! A set of professional installation tools contributes to a perfect result. 
Follow the recommended open time (flash off time) from the adhesive supplier, thereafter fold the PVC sheet into the adhesive bed, rub the sheet carefully from centre to the edges in order to press the air out. If prescribed, roll the surface, first width wise, then lengthwise. Remove any excess adhesive. 
After installation, make sure that the room is ventilated, in order to allow the adhesive to dry. Preferably do not use or load a freshly installed floor, until the adhesive has set thoroughly, which in normal conditions takes about 2 days. 
After the adhesive has set sufficiently, which usually takes a day, Forbo's project vinyl floors can be hot-welded for functional, decorative or hygienic reasons. Vinylweld is available in plain colours that perfectly suit the flooring collections.

Rout out two-third of the depth of the material at the seam, 3.5 mm wide. Use a hot air gun fitted with a narrow guide nozzle; set the temperature at ca. 300°C and weld at about 2 m/min. While the weld is still warm, trim off the top half of the excess weld using a spatula and a slider. When the material is completely cooled, trim it flush by using the spatula alone.  
To show a professional end result, the floor can be finished with skirtings, stairnosings and transition profiles

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